Basic science research suggests that cognitive biases can be

A ‚parental nightmare,‘ that’s how parents described getting a phone call early on New Year’s Day. Four people were injured, including two teens walking on a sidewalk. One teen lost his left leg. Basic science research suggests that cognitive biases can be modified. Attention bias modification training has been shown to temporarily impact social anxiety.[22]Trait social anxiety is most commonly measured by self report.[23] This method possesses limitations, however subjective responses are the most reliable indicator of a subjective state. Other measures of social anxiety include diagnostic interviews, clinician administered instruments, and behavioral assessments.[24] No single trait social anxiety self report measure shows all psychometric properties including different kinds of validity (content validity, criterion validity, construct validity), reliability and internal consistency.[23] The SIAS along with the SIAS 6A and 6B are rated as the best.[23] These measures include:.

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