I don think WRAL is in the habit of making up quotes

North Korea adheres to the political doctrine of Juche, or „self reliance“, which is ironic since it is dependent on foreign aid (particularly China’s) to prop up its failing economy. Between 1994 and 1998 it suffered a disastrous famine in which around a million citizens died. The regime’s propaganda refers to this as the Arduous March. (Case in point: Why Tessa is rather unsuccessful at wooing him, versus Kaname and Nami, both of whom he admits deeper feelings for.) No Social Skills: Someone once described Sousuke as that character in a Tabletop RPG who traded in all those „worthless“ character points in social skills and instead put them into combat abilities. He is a nice guy, he just has no concept at all of what’s expected of someone in a high school environment. Not Good with People: Boy does he suck at dealing with people (in ways that don’t involve explosives, that is).

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