I had an even smaller wedding than you’re planning; just the

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe BIA board asked the City of Thunder Bay for a $36,000 budget increase in 2018. The money would be used to help revitalize the north side BIA, according to a release from the Waterfront District BIA chair Jim Comuzzi.The city came back with a counter proposal, funding an additional $19,500 from the city, with the remaining $16,500 to come from the BIA member’s levy, added onto tax bills.The release stated the budget expansion would be for marketing and beautification of the area, focusing on trees and lights, walkability and seagull management.The levy increase was communicated to BIA members on December 18, according to Matt Bressmer, who owns Creation Body Piercing.Matt Bressmer, owner of Creation Body Piercing in Thunder Bay says he’s concerned about the impact of a tax levy on his business from the Waterfront District BIA. The levy increase has not been finalized for 2018.

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