„I’m excited about the opportunity to serve my city

haley’s vow to ‚take names‘ is about us

Designer Replica Bags Fiscal responsibility to prevent tax increases,infrastructure development andtreating everyone fair are otherprimary goals for Gooch.Hulehan collected 1,026 votes to 522 for Mark Rodeffer. She will replace Lawrence in Ward 3, who did not seek reelection after serving two separate four year termson City Council.“I’m excited about the opportunity to serve my city,“ Hulehan said.Hulehan said Simpsonville needs to make economic development a top priority. Other specific goals she has in mind for when her term begins is helping the city make a stronger commitment to community and cultural programs and services, as well as uniting the city for continuous improvement.“We need to work together to strengthen all of the great facets of life in Simpsonville, and work together to ensure we continue to grow,“ Hulehan said.In Ward 5, Cummings posted 1,086 votes to 268 for James Donnelly. Designer Replica Bags

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