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A total of 5,086 choppers, about 42%, were destroyed by enemy fire, bad weather, mechanical snafus and the other bad hands war routinely deals those sent to fight it. The toll among those who flew for a living: 2,002 pilots killed and 2,704 crew chiefs and gunners dead. That about 7% of the 58,000 American troops killed in Vietnam. Then just slow away.“I used that pre shot routine pretty much since Adam (Hunter) started coaching me all those years ago. This slow away movement and then just let everything else happen.“Obviously, the adrenalin was flowing through me, so I knew it was going to go a bit further when I struck it. Back then I was usually hitting it 205 with a four iron, so 221 was a big hit.“I think it landed a bit short and ran up, which in links golf is what you’re trying to do anyway.

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