Konstantin Sonin, a professor at the New Moscow Economic

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replica handbags online Corruption, for one, remains a serious impediment to investment in the country, but there are huge gains to be had for companies that can navigate the business climate.Daniel Thorniley, president of DT Global Business Consulting, said jokingly, always said, if you do business in Russia, you will lose all your money and die. Thorniley, who was moderating panels at the conference hosted by the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA), called that view of Russia and insisted that business success in the country is one of the best kept secrets in the world.Western companies, the political risk is not in the Kremlin, it at the local level That where you got to make the relationships and make sure it going right, he said.According to CERBA, while investors from around the world poured US$13.8 billion in direct investment into Russia in 2010, just 2% of that came from Canada.Konstantin Sonin, a professor at the New Moscow Economic School, said the high cost of entry but potential for payoff, means companies that invest in Russia should be large and risk in Russia, your margins are high corruption, to some extent, once you in, it protects you from competition, he told the audience of about 150.Alex Shifrin, a Moscow based entrepreneur spoke about the challenges for small and medium sized businesses in Russia, summing up the sentiments of many with his comment that business in Russia can be pretty lousy, but insisting that it remains a great place to make money.He noted that working with regulators and accessing venture capital are both difficult. But he insisted there are significant opportunities for SMEs in Russia. replica handbags online

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