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Replica Valentino Bag Where to find the cheapest pub Sunday roasts revealed as well as inexpensive afternoon teasA Sunday roast in a pub costs 62% more in some parts of Britain than others this is where to go to get a cheap roast dinner21:41, 28 OCT 2017Roasts are wonderful things especially if someone else does the cooking (Image: Getty) At Sheffield is top of the table for value closely followed by Leeds at Newcastle at and Cambridge In London, it will set punters back an average around more expensive than any other city.Researchers analysed prices at the top pub chains and afternoon tea venues in each city and region across the UK.They found Nottingham was the cheapest city for a full blown afternoon tea including sandwiches and cakes.At an average it’s more than cheaper than Newcastle at Leeds and Cardiff In London, the same treat will cost an eye watering double the price of any other city.Cheapest afternoon teasKirsten Bolton, marketing boss at holiday homes construction firm Willerby, which commissioned the survey, said: „Sundays are starting to get quite expensive.“In days gone by a roast would set you back around yet today our research shows that people are paying more than on average.“She says the different prices also underlines the Replica Valentino Handbags North South divide.Two teas will cost an eye watering in LondonShe added: „A Londoner will pay on average nearly whereas the same person could find a roast dinner in Newcastle for just „As the home of the most expensive commercial rents in the UK, it will be no surprise to learn that London is the most expensive region in the UK to order a Sunday roast.“What may surprise people though, is the sheer massive price difference from other regions in the UK.“With an average price of the East Midlands is just over 80p cheaper than any other region in the UK.“Again, it’s not really a surprise that London came out as the most expensive region for afternoon tea in our analysis. What may surprise you though is the average price of an afternoon tea in London Replica Valentino Bag.