Badass Bookworm: He doesn’t look physically imposing

The main purpose of Class 3 E was to serve as a dumping ground for Kunugigaoka’s worst students, though it is revealed that they (even Terasaka, relatively the most Book Dumb of the lot) are pretty good at studying, just not good enough to stay out of the bottom 5%, while a few are present for different reasons Kataoka, Hayami and Chiba were academic achievers who were frequently guilt tripped by their schoolmates into helping tutor them, which took its toll on their own grades, while Karma and Isogai were sent there as disciplinary action (the former for his Bully Hunter tendencies, the latter for violating school rules by having a part time job). Badass Crew: All of the students are being trained to assassinate, and thus compared to most kids their age they are at least competent in various martial disciplines. As for the faculty, himself is very fast, smart, and (if he can) powerful; Karasuma is a fake bags high ranking government special forces agent with some serious combat skills; and Irina is an assassination prodigy using both her intellect and sex appeal to accomplish her missions.

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