Metropolitan – Doomed. Bourgeois. In Love (1990) – Filmvorführung

Event   22. March 2012

Charlie: The term "bourgeois" has almost always been - been one of contempt. Yet it is precisely the - the bourgeoisie which is responsible for - well, for nearly everything good that has happened in our civilization over the past four centuries... You know the French film "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie?" When I first heard that title I thought…"Finally, someone's gonna tell the truth about the bourgeoisie." What a disappointment. It would be hard to imagine a less fair or accurate portrait.

Sally: Well, of course. Bunuel's a surrealist. Despising the bourgeoisie is part of their credo.

Nick: Where do they get off?

Charlie: But the truth is, the bourgeoisie does have a lot of charm.

Nick: Of course it does. The surrealists were just a lot of social climbers.

Fred: Is there any more wine?

Regie: Whit Stillman (1990)
Laufzeit: 98 min
Besetzung: Carolyn Farina, Chris Eigeman, Edward Clements, Taylor Nichols, Allison Parisi, Dylan Hundley, Isabel Gillies, Bryan Leder, Will Kempe, Ellia Thompson,...

Film im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Bodies in the Backdrop" von Tobias Kaspar (18.02.2012 bis 01.04.2012).