Art education

Beyond producing an ongoing programme of exhibitions, it is the responsibility of a Kunstverein to provide equal means of visitor engagement. Contemporary art, particularly, confronts the viewer with artistic strategies, methods and modes of expression that are not always immediately accessible. With this in mind, the Halle für Kunst offers a broad educational programme through which visitors of all ages can gain a deeper insight into the artistic and curatorial processes relevant to our programme.

In addition to formats such as the “Kids Guide” children’s club and alternative tour, “Member’s Guide,” we offer guided tours and workshops for school groups, as well as guided tours for teachers, private individuals and corporate groups. 

In collaboration with artists and art mediators, we also realise a number of workshops to which visitors are invited to further consider the ideas raised in our exhibitions, and to link them to greater, societal questions. 

Open Workshops

Each of our exhibitions are accompanied by an Open Workshop, an event which communicates the themes of the artworks as relevant to different audiences, in turn, allowing for individual, concentrated contemplation of the ideas raised. At the core of these workshops is the dismantlement of institutional barriers, the promotion of social equity, and communication across generations and cultures, allowing, in turn, for people from across demographics to gain better access to our programme and its subjects.

For more information, please contact vermittlung@halle-fuer-kunst.de or call +49 (04131) 402001.

Guided tours

Art and Cake

The communicative format “Art and Cake” invites visitors to exchange ideas about each respective exhibition in an informal context. This initiative is supported by a programme of readings, film screenings and other items, creating an opportunity for visitors to deepen their understanding of the contexts surrounding the exhibited works in both an artistic and curatorial sense.

Member’s Guide

Organised by members of the Halle für Kunst, “Member’s Guide” was established in 2016 as an alternative to the traditional curator-led tour. By foregrounding subjective perspectives on our programme, within the format of a dialogical tour “Member’s Guide” questions institutional hierarchies and encourages new forms of knowledge production. 

Group tours / Private tours

We are happy to offer guided tours for larger groups (e.g. for company excursions) as well as private group-tours. After each tour, there will be an opportunity to exchange impressions, opinions and ideas.

Please forward requests to vermittlung@halle-fuer-kunst.de or call +49 (04131) 402001.

Offers for children and school classes

Children's Club “Kids Guide” 

Led by a team of art educators, the children's club “Kids Guide,” takes Halle für Kunst’s current exhibition as a starting point from which children between the ages of 6 and 12 can approach contemporary art together. The idea here is for children to jointly design a guided tour for other young people: They are allowed to think, ask questions and discuss amongst themselves. After each session, there will be the opportunity for the children to develop their own artworks in response to the exhibition and its themes. 

Look, Art! 

The project “Look, Art!” offers preschool and elementary school-age groups the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Halle für Kunst’s current exhibition through playful, age-appropriate means. Assisted by a team of art educators, the content of the exhibition—the artists’ techniques and ideas—are made accessible for a younger audience through an open, creative dialogue. After visiting the exhibition, the children can work through their impressions on the artworks in a hands-on way. Beyond promoting their creative aptitude and imagination, this format offers younger children an initial encounter with contemporary art and a wide range of aesthetic expression.

The activity is suitable for groups of up to 25 children accompanied by pedagogical staff. To book an appointment, please contact vermittlung@halle-fuer-kunst.de or call +49 (04131) 402001.

A 45 EUR fee should be assumed by your institution. The district of Lüneburg also offers financial support, such as travel subsidies, to schools and daycare facilities wishing to visit cultural institutions. For more information, please contact Andrea Wrobel at wrobel@landkreis.lueneburg.de or call +49 (04131) 261360. 

Guided tours and workshops for secondary school students

We offer the opportunity for secondary school-age groups to reflect on our current exhibition during discursive, guided tours. Practical workshops in which students can work independently toward artistic projects in relation to the contents of our exhibitions can be booked on request. Coordination between the students’ curriculum and our programme can also be arranged on request. 

The excursion is aimed at groups of up to 25 students accompanied by a teacher. 

1.50 EUR admission fee per pupil.

Guided tours for teachers

We also offer the opportunity for teachers and art educators to participate in guided tours of each of our exhibitions. 

After each tour, there will be an opportunity to discuss themes, impressions and starting points for teaching with a member of our staff. Additional visual and textual material for classroom use can be provided on request.

Please forward requests to vermittlung@halle-fuer-kunst.de or call +49 (04131) 402001.