Filmstill, „Rettet …

Filmstill, „Rettet das Feuer", 2019. Foto: Salzgeber

Filmscreening "Rettet das Feuer"

Event   01. December 2023, 20:00

On World AIDS Day, a screening of Jasco Viefhues' documentary "Rettet das Feuer" (2019) will take place at Filmclub der polnischen Versager*innen. The director Jasco Viefhues and Aron Neubert will be present.

01.12.2023, 20:00

Jasco Viefhues: "Rettet das Feuer" (2019)
Color, digital, 81 min., original version in German with English subtitles

Filmclub der polnischen Versager*innen, Ackerstraße 168, 10115 Berlin                 

Berlin, 1993. Photographer and artist, Jürgen Baldiga, battles HIV. In the 1990s, the AIDS epidemic reached its climax, to which no one was prepared. Infected bodies and their stories diminish, erasing their existence. Through the death of his friends and subsequently his own, Baldiga becomes the chronicler of his time: "I am taking a picture. I photograph the world. I exist." Identity and history disappear without the persistence of memory. Until the final days of his life, Jürgen documents the exodus that seizes him. Rettet das Feuer (Rescue the Fire) directs the gaze to a piece of West Berlin history and the voices of the collective memory.

Filmclub der polnischen Versager*innen was founded by Elisa R. Linn, Tiphanie Kim Mall and Flora Klein at the Club der polnischen Versager in 2021. On select evenings they screen selected experimental films and run a bar. The Club der polnischen Versager was founded in the 1990s by Polish artists living in Berlin and along with Schokoladen, is one of the last activist-run living, working and cultural spaces in Berlin-Mitte.